Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus) in Shibetsu harbour, Hokkaido, Japan

Published: 2020-01-31 | Updated: 2023-05-20

Text & Photos: Kristian Adolfsson

Categories: Birds | Gulls

General info about Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus)

This is a rather common gull in winter on northern Hokkaido. These were found trying to find something from the clam shells left on the ground in Shibetsu harbour on Hokkaido in northern Japan.

The last image is of a Glaucous-winged gull for comparison with the Glaucous Gull, note the spots on the head and neck, and the grey primaries. The dark-backed gulls are Slaty-backed gulls.

Images taken: 2018-03-05